The Power of Positivity, Desire and The Future of Marketing

Ever have a passion to do something or an emotion that you cant control that you want to express but don’t know how? That was me, about 8 months ago, right after my college graduation.

All I could think about and still think about every single day, is wanting to be successful. I don’t just mean successful as in having a lot of money (although that would be nice), I mean being successful by doing what I love to do, at the top quality I know I can do it. That passion for me is Digital and #SocialMediaMarketing.

As I sit here at my desk, listening to Gary Vaynerchuck podcast (like I do every morning to learn), I believe that the future is at our fingertips with social media being right on our phones, and I believe even more that companies that are not utilizing social media to market their value, is missing out on a serious opportunity to gain a boatload of revenue.


I decided to start this blog that I have named: “Educate N’ Dominate”. I will be providing valuable information on tips and tricks for companies to either start utilizing social media as a marketing outlet, or for companies that are not getting as good of results as they would like to see with their platforms.

I will also be adding posts, about the positive mindset, go getter attitude and other daily practices, I use and see all around the industry by the most successful #DigitalMarketers.

I know I’m only 22 years old, with only a few years of real world experience, so you may ask, “why me?” I can give you a very simple explanation, my passion to help others and succeed in the digital marketing world is unlike any other. I currently work a 9-5 job, but find myself staying up till late nights of the hours, working for free to help companies enhance their social media platforms to prove my value.

I am Certified in Hootsuite Social Media Campaign Management as well as #HubspotInboundMarketing Certified but what separates me, is my passion and desire to be successful!

I would love to hear some topics you would like me to discuss and any information you would like to see. I am all about positivity, growth and success! Being that former athlete, I do have a desire to win!

Feel free to follow me on twitter @EvanPriesel as well as I post some small tips for companies on the fly!

I look forward to not only helping, but informing you guys of ways for YOU to be successful and be a Digital Powerhouse!


-Evan Priesel



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