Utilizing The Long Arm Of #Social Media

Digital Marketing, its the new trend right?! How many times do you see Tai Lopez pop up on your Facebook feed or see the “How to be a millionaire online” ads? Companies are starting to take advantage of this new digital trend through the means of Social Media Platforms!

To the organizations that are not 1) Investing in Digital Marketing and 2) Don’t see the benefits or ROI through #SocialMediaMarketing , well shame on you. There are Millions of users through the means of social media. What does this mean? It means you have the opportunity to obtain MILLIONS of clients, all around the globe, through our mobile phone or computer, isn’t that an amazing thought?


Imagine being a 4 Million Dollar company in a small town in Michigan, but being able to obtain and retain customers all over the country/world and have the ability to triple your #GrossProfit just because you are engaging in social media!

Don’t get me wrong, setting up a good social media presence and campaign strategy take TIME, but in the long run, if done correctly is completely worth it! Remember that social media users want to see VALUABLE CONTENT from your company. DO NOT try and #sell them your product, but provide value to what you can offer!

The means of marketing through the web is an amazing thought, being that the first ever iPhone came out only 10 years ago, but if I was a company that hasn’t jumped on this trend already, I would get on this ASAP! Investing in someone to properly handle social media platforms for your company can lead to an enormous #ROI !

Companies that don’t catch on the newest trends, will always be a step behind the ones that do!

The world is changing, your consumers are growing and the way they consume content and information is always going to be updated!

Use the long reach of the “arm” of social media to obtain a greater following for overall #success!

Don’t forget to share and follow for more news to come! Also follow me on Twitter @EvanPriesel ! Please let me know of any topics you would like me to cover!

As always, have a great day, Invest in the new trends, and #EDUCATE N’ #DOMINATE  your day!

-Evan Priesel


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