My Top 3 Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Is Failing


Well, I was going to do Top 3 Reasons, but there are so many I decided to add a fourth!

Congrats! You have finally made the jump to invest in Digital Marketing and a Social Media Campaign strategy for your company. You are eager, excited and ready to obtain customers through the means of #SocialMedia.

You continuously post on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and yet you’re not seeing the engagement from your consumers and not seeing the ROI on actually having a Digital Marketing Strategy. There are multiple things that could be going wrong for you, and fixing even just ONE of them, could lead to #DigitalMarketing Success.


I hear all the time that social media isn’t work the investment because it is not giving me the sales “I want”. I am sorry to tell you this, but if you are trying to sell something via social media, you are going to fail. There is no way around it.

Here are my #Top4 Reasons why your #SocialMediaMarketing is failing:

4) Your Not Listening To Your Consumers

When utilizing social media for marketing purposes, you should be a listener first and not a talker. What do I mean by this you may ask?

Good question, Social Media Platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are great ways to see what your target market is saying about either certain products or problems they are having. Utilize Social Media to provide content that either gives them value, or answers their question.

Be a listener and answer properly based on your consumers needs! This will also help grow your overall following through your consumers word of mouth. If you can provide them content that is solving their needs, or answering their questions, they will tell their friends/ family about your company, giving you that follower base you are looking for to lead to overall a future sale/customer.

One of the best ways to listen to your Target Market is by searching popular hashtags on twitter. This will allow you to see news and information on what people in your industry are looking for. Respond accordingly, with value and watch the followers come!

Listen to your target market, i promise you it will make a difference!

3) Not having a Call To Action on Blogs/Social Platforms

Having a #Blog and Social Media accounts are awesome, you get to write and post about what you love and are passionate about. Trying to obtain a following, and a social media community is tough. It all leads back to value as stated above.

Another thing that I see companies lacking on their accounts is a call to action. What is that you may ask? It is a link or “action” users can click on that leads them to a landing page on your website. This is a great way for them to obtain free valuable content, such as an e-book. Most of the time, the best strategy is to have them add their email address in order to get that ebook.

That action will help you build your email list for future campaigns, give you the availability to send a thank you email out to anyone who followed the call to action (should be automated) AND most importantly, drive them to your website where they can learn more about your company and the value you can provide.

Setting up a call to action is a great gateway to get people to your website, obtain free valuable information, and learn.

It’s all about Educating and Dominating right? So let your target market educate themselves, and watch you dominate the market!

2) Your To Worried About Quantity of Followers Instead of Quality

Wouldn’t it be great to have 40,000 followers? Being able to reach out to so many people is awesome right?! Well I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t provide value to them, to lead to a potential customer. Granted, maybe 5% of those followers may be the right target market, but the other 95% just clicked the follow button just in hopes that you follow back.

Think about it… a business, wouldn’t you want 5,000 followers, all within your demographic structure that you know you could turn into potential sales? It’s all about making money. Yes 40,000 followers look nice, but does it really serve a purpose? If you can get that many followers with 60% of them within your industry, well that’s a different story.

That happens by starting off with a small set of followers within the right industry, and through value and word of mouth, retweets, mentions and recognition, that will grow!

Please remember that Social Media Marketing is a Marathon and not a sprint!



Let me ask you this question….

“What is the first thing people do when a commercial comes on television, or get a 10 second break within their day?”

The answer is go on their phone onto the internet and social media sites.

social media interaction.jpgvia Business insider

The biggest killer for your company is if it is not mobile friendly. Its amazing at how much people are on their phones now a days, being that it has almost as much power as a computer.

If your website and content is not mobile friendly, that is an immediate turn off and will hinder your reputation, following, and overall sales through Digital Media.

I hope these helped! Please reach out to me if you would like a social media or website audit to help you gain followers, generate more website engagement and overall increase your sales!

Learn from your mistakes and capitalize on them!

#EducateNDominate your business!

Have a Great weekend!

-Evan Priesel


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