To The Freshman in College…..

I think we all would like to go back to our freshman year of #college. Relive the memories with great friends. Not make the same mistake that you had in the past or go up to a special someone and tell them how you really felt.

One of the biggest reasons why I started this blog is because I have learned to live life without regrets. No matter what people say about what you’re doing or how your doing it, if it’s what you love, do it.

There are many things I would tell myself from my experiences and what I know now when it comes to the real world.

First off, I do not regret 1 thing in my life, and where it has taken me! I love every aspect of it and i am VERY blessed I am going after what I want at such a young age.

So here it is, if your still in college here are a few thing to put you ahead in life…..


1) Go after any opportunity out their that will gain you experience. Putting in that work late nights, will pay off in the long-term when you can pitch what you know how to do!

2) Do what YOU want to do in life and pursue your dreams. Setting goals is important and make sure you do something, even if its 1 thing to get you closer to those goals each day.

3)Surround yourself with other #SuccessfulPeople and make sure the people in your inner circle support you. If not, than you may want to reconsider how good of friends you are.

4) If there are any certifications on top of schooling you can take, get them while you are still in school! I wish I knew about these certifications while I was in school. I’m glad I have the passion and drive to do it while I work, but if I new about them in school, that really separates you from other candidates upon a job interview.

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification

5) Reach out to mentors and people who have succeeded for informational interviews and guidance. It’s funny how many people are willing to talk with you and answer questions you may have, knowing that someone did it for them to get them where they are now.

6) DO NOT be afraid to ask questions. You are only in college, and are there to learn and grow! Take every opportunity into a learning experience and grow!

7) Don’t be discouraged by failure. Your 18-21 years old… you’re going to fail at certain things. Make sure you know your mistake and grow from it! Turn everything into a positive!

8) Your friends in college, are the best people you will ever meet. Spending everyday with your teammates, friends and colleagues, you really get to know them well and will become your best friends. Choose them wisely as I am extremely grateful for mine, we are family.

9) Become friends with your professors. You have no idea how much they will help you once you graduate especially if you are friends with them. They know people at companies that are hiring, certain tips that can put you in the driver seat!


There are so many more lessons that you will learn as your 4 years of college are over, but just remember, just having the opportunity to go to college, makes you very fortunate.

Take everyday positively and make the best of every situation, you will see how awesome the payoff is in the future.


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-Evan Priesel




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