What Separates You From The Rest

If you couldn’t tell by now, I love educating myself on things that I didn’t know, or sharpen and mastering skills that I do know. Besides my marketing degree, I have invested in myself since graduation and it is absolutely paying off!

I have taken (and passed) multiple #SocialMediaMarketing certifications. All of which I have learned something new from each of them. Some are free, and some I have had to pay for, but if you aren’t willing to put in a few buck to enhance your skills, do you really want it?

I have passed the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification. That was a great course on #InboundMarketing methodology, social media marketing and campaign management. I have also passed the Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification, learning about strategic campaign management, content creation and lead generation through the means of social media.

But my favorite certification program I have come across so far (and have almost completed) is the  Splash Media U Social Media Marketing Certification. Yes it is a little pricey, actually 10% cheaper if you pay it in full….. but it is WELL WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT and I can promise you the ROI on completing this is worth it. I can tell because its already been beneficial and I am half way done with it!

Splash Media University Pic.png
 Splash Media U Social Media Marketing Certification

Now you may ask…what makes this course better than others? I wouldn’t put one course ahead of the other, because you learn something new from everything. BUT I will promise you, if you want to have a real resume booster…this is something you can not miss out on!

Here is my #Top3 Reasons why #SplashMediaU is Worth your Investment:

3) They are Current and Up to Date:

Social media obviously changes in the blink of an eye. Splash Media U does an excellent job keeping their training videos up-to-date and their content based on practical real life situations. As a ‘student’ this is important, knowing that they take the time to stay on top of everything.

If they don’t invest in their own product or service, why should you? Splash Media U definitely invests in themselves and their content.

2) They Have an Amazing Community and Professors:

Being a student with Splash Media U, you are put right into a friendly community, all with the same goals and desires as yourself! The instructors are real life social media marketers with great success in the industry.

They personally call you when you sign up to ensure you understand the program, assist you with contact information if you are looking to network, and provide the utmost opportunity to succeed.

My #1 Reason why this certification is a MUST is……

You Create a Portfolio While You Take the Course:

What does this mean? Well, Splash Media U, makes you submit assignments (homework) to them for grading based off of certain topics or sections you’re in.

These assignments are real world tactics you would use for a #SocialMediaMarketing campaign strategy. Whether it’s Twitter lists and contests or Facebook ads and #InfluencerMarketing, the assignments you submit can be used as a portfolio to show future employers that you really do know how to navigate and use social media to market and succeed.

This is unlike any other certification around, and separates them from the rest!

If you really want to be a #DigitalMarketer, then Splash Media U’s Master Certification is a must!

If you want to check them out, click on the link above or in the sidebar labeled “Splash Media University”. You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

I hope everyone has a great week! #EducateNDominate

-Evan Priesel


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