The Lessons Behind the Weights…

Believe it or not, I absolutely love to workout! Being an athlete all my life, I constantly found myself in the gym trying to get bigger, faster and stronger. I even got my #PersonalTraining Certification after a bad injury stopped my baseball career.

5 days a week in a gym (or at least I try to go 5 days a week) has actually taught me a lot more than just about exercise and nutrition. If you take a deeper dive into exercise in general, it actually resembles a lot of #LifeLessons that you can translate into your every day routine to make you more #successful!

It all goes back to what Eric Thomas preaches: “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful”.

So here it is, my favorite 3 life lessons about weight lifting!

#3 Sometimes You Need a Spotter to Push Past Barriers

Whats that saying? Teamwork makes the dream work? Well that saying is very relatable in both the exercise world and in the real world. In weight lifting, its all about progress, just like in life.

Being able to lift heavier for more reps to gain more muscle…isn’t that what we all want? Having a spotter to help guide you and assist you in pushing that heavier weight, until you can do it yourself is what can take you to that next level.

Life is the same way, it is all about breaking the norm, taking that next step and progressing. Whether that be in your professional career, or personal life, you always want progression, never regression.

Having a “spotter” or mentor in your life to help teach you new skills and grow is what could push you to that next level of excellence. Don’t be afraid of asking for help, the spotter is their to make you grow and push past the norm!

#2 The More Reps and Sets you Perform, The Easier It Gets

Lets face it, most people cant walk into a gym for the first time and bench press 225. Its every mans goal of being able to push  “2 plates”. Heck, I have just been able to accomplish that goal this year (something I am VERY proud of).

You need to start at 135 and be able to push that with ease for 3 sets of 10, before moving up in weight. Well, how do you do that? REPS, REPS, REPS!!!!

The more repetitions you do, the easier it becomes, muscle memory kicks in, you get stronger and you eventually grow and are able to tack on more weight!

Life is the same way! The more repetitions you do of anything in life, the easier it becomes! That is why positive habits are so important! Think about it, the more marketing campaigns you run, the better you become at it. The more you drive a car, the better you get (for most LOL).

Practice positive habits and skills until they become easy, than use that to push to the next level and learn a new skill and practice again!!!


#When Anything Tries to Keep You Down in Life, Come Back Stronger!

Life is going to throw some curve balls at you every now and then. One of my favorite quotes growing up was:

“Life is a lot like baseball, you have to sit on the fast ball and be ready to react to the curve” – Jaja Q.

Weight lifting is literally moving objects (weights) against gravity or the natural force of the object. That movement, causes muscles to engage, and overall grow! If your squatting, you have weight on your shoulders trying to push you to the ground, but what’s the objective of a squat? To push back up against gravity!

Life is the same way, it may seem like you have 10000 things on your plate or something isn’t going your way and you feel like you have a ton of weight on your shoulders.

I’m here to tell you that if you want to succeed in life, you need to punch back 10x harder than what is keeping you down!

Stay positive, stay respectful but work your but off to prove everyone wrong!

Weight lifting is one of the best habits I ever got into, and it clearly is an eye opener about the real world and life!

Follow me on Twitter at @EvanPriesel ! Stay #positive people, Its almost the weekend!

#Educate N #Dominate your day!

– Evan Priesel




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