Is Time Management The Most Important Skill for Success?

Let me first answer this by simply saying no. Time management is not the most IMPORTANT skill for success. That answer is obviously opinionated. To me it is absolutely in my top 3, but there is no set definition, what skill is the most important for success.

A lot of people don’t understand how blessed they are to be a human. You could have been anything in the world, but god created you as a human. You have to ability to conquer the world!



Don’t you love the saying “Time is Money”? Well, I do! I absolutely agree and believe in that saying.

That means the more time you have the more money you make right? Um… not necessarily. They way you utilize your time is really what gets you to where you need to be!

Tai Lopez said it right “people need to work smart, not hard”. The end goal for everyone is to do more work, in less period of time isn’t it? That gives you more time throughout your day, to get even more accomplished!

Time management is extremely important, being able to be smart about what you need to do, and give your self the time to get them done, will make you extremely more efficient than you already are.

Some tips or advice to help with your time management skill would be to:

Use a Calendar/ Planner

Organize and prioritize specific goals, or tasks you need to get done each day, month and year. This will help you set your goals straight and your mind driven.

Block off Specific Time Frames

Don’t just block off dates, go further in-depth and block off specific times to get things done! Yes things pop up, but if it isn’t an emergency, you will find that you will have extra time to get things done!

Turn off all distractions

Yes, that could mean your phone, if you are not using it for productive purposes. Turning your phone on silent, or going into a quiet room, will really make you focus on the task at hand, and get your goals done!


I know certain things work for different people, but if you understood how much more time you will have if you work on time management, you will see it actually helps you get more done!

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I hope you all stay safe from the snow, Educate yourself and Dominate your day!

-Evan Priesel




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