Top 3 Reasons To Utilize Facebook Ads…

Ever scroll down on your newsfeed and see an Facebook advertisement pop up? Most of the ones on my timeline are from people pitching the whole “get rich quick” scheme.

Do you ever wonder why those ads show up on your time line specifically? Yes, the companies want you to click on the ad and go through their call to action, but you actually are getting these ads for a specific reason.

That reason is either because of your location, age, sex, or interests.

As a company, you want to utilize Facebook advertising as much as possible. Mostly because it is very underpriced right now, but also because of what you can achieve with it!

Wouldn’t you like to know that your 15 cents per click on the add would lead to a sale of over 10x that much? I would….

Heres a video from Gary Vaynerchuk, discussing Facebook ads and the importance of it in B2B and B2C marketing.

There are many reasons why you need to utilize Facebook ads, Here are my #Top3….

#3 Facebook’s Reach is Enormous 

According to The Balance, in 2015, there were over 1 Billion monthly users! Setting up Facebook ads in my opinion is the platform with the biggest reach for consumers.

The ads manager actually gives you an estimate of how many people your ad will reach, this will obviously vary as you put in specific demographics and Geo-demographics.

Utilize this to target your specific market and location!!

#2 They are EXTREMELY Cheap to Utilize

Gary Vee said it the best in the video above. Utilizing CPM (cost per thousand impressions) are only $5-6 Dollars right now, and in a few years it will be $30-40! Utilize this while you can !

If you don’t invest in your digital marketing with a reasonable budget, you will never rep the benefits because you will be outbid by your competitors every single time.

#1 You Can Target Followers of your Competitors and Utilize Demographics

You may ask yourself why I made this my #1 reason. Thats a great question. If you know your target market are 25-50 year old females that live in New England…well guess what, the Facebook ads manager lets you input specific demographics when creating an ad!

A lot of companies are having trouble not only obtaining there following, but also converting people to there website through Social Media.

Facebook ads, lets you target people that have followed certain pages, such as a major competitor of your company. If they are a competitor, their followers should have some interest in your product as it should be in the same field. This will get them to your website, where you need to really captivate there attention!

This is a great way for a start up company or a company struggling with social media presence to target already active consumers on Facebook.



That is the single handedly most important part of your ad. Companies that have a hard to navigate landing page, loose a lot of leads as people do not want to wait…..LESS IS MORE!


I hope everyone has a great weekend, work hard, play harder! Educate N’ Dominate your life!!

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–  Evan Priesel


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