The Man Who Traveled 50 States in 100 Days…

Meet Chris Strub , a Twitter influencer and one of the most interesting men I have ever spoken with. Chris has an amazing story that I believe EVERYONE should go look up!

Chris traveled all 50 states in 100 days, and loved every minute of it! I actually got a chance to sit down and speak to him over the phone to pick his brain and get to know him a little better. Id say the conversation went exceptionally well…

Chris graduated from Binghamton University in 2007 with a double major in economics and English Literacy. He always new he wanted to travel the world and meet new people. In 2014 he made one of the biggest decisions of his life, quite his job and spent his ENTIRE life savings traveling the country.

He started to become a layaway angel, and it “Lit up my world”.

Chris realized the power of live streaming from snapchat and periscope at an early time, when not many people were utilizing this feature. This got him started on the path to success.

Currently with over 11k followers on Twitter, and one of the most interactive people I follow, Chris enjoys life, traveling and public speaking, telling his story and sharing it with the world!

A very humbled person, Chris is looking for that next job, hopefully being in what he loves to do, working in the non profit sector. He was realistic about life and his abilities, knowing that entrepreneurship might not be his best bet for success.

That is something I respect, as he knows his limitations and how he can contribute best to a company (something we all need to figure out and realize).

Out of all the states, Chris’ favorite to travel to was South Carolina, Specifically Greenville.

He said the “food, culture, people, and downtown area are just amazing”. Chris ended up moving there with no food, home or money to live. He was the General Manager of a pizza chain and ended up leaving that job to travel the country for a second time!

When I asked him the greatest lesson he learned from traveling and everything he accomplished, his response was:

“People need to identify what they are good at and what they want to do. Have self awareness, and understand where you do your best work. Years are going to pass no matter what you are doing. I am on the path of what I want to be. YOU are your own boss.”

After a nice long conversation, we both had the same outlook on life. You only get one life, so might as well live it how YOU want to live, and not how other people see it.

Another key topic we talked about for people to understand is NETWORKING!!!

We both agreed that ‘Its not about what you know, but who you know’. This old saying stays true to so many things in life.

It was truly amazing to talk with chris, and believe that we have alot in common. Hopefully if he ever gets up to NH we can do a live stream for everyone, but for now, i guess phone conversations will do!

Follow him on twitter @Chrisstrub and myself @EvanPriesel

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An amazing man with an amazing story! What is your story??

-Evan Priesel


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