The Man Who Traveled 50 States in 100 Days…

Meet Chris Strub , a Twitter influencer and one of the most interesting men I have ever spoken with. Chris has an amazing story that I believe EVERYONE should go look up! Chris traveled all 50 states in 100 days, and loved every minute of it! I actually got a chance to sit down and speak to [...]


Is Time Management The Most Important Skill for Success?

Let me first answer this by simply saying no. Time management is not the most IMPORTANT skill for success. That answer is obviously opinionated. To me it is absolutely in my top 3, but there is no set definition, what skill is the most important for success. A lot of people don't understand how blessed [...]

The Lessons Behind the Weights…

Believe it or not, I absolutely love to workout! Being an athlete all my life, I constantly found myself in the gym trying to get bigger, faster and stronger. I even got my #PersonalTraining Certification after a bad injury stopped my baseball career. 5 days a week in a gym (or at least I try [...]

What Separates You From The Rest

If you couldn't tell by now, I love educating myself on things that I didn't know, or sharpen and mastering skills that I do know. Besides my marketing degree, I have invested in myself since graduation and it is absolutely paying off! I have taken (and passed) multiple #SocialMediaMarketing certifications. All of which I have [...]

To The Freshman in College…..

I think we all would like to go back to our freshman year of #college. Relive the memories with great friends. Not make the same mistake that you had in the past or go up to a special someone and tell them how you really felt. One of the biggest reasons why I started this [...]